Terms and Conditions

All returns of product are at the discretion of Ix Medical Management. All returns require an Ix Medical issue return authorization number. The cost of shipping is the responsibility of the customer.

Custom Aprons
Custom aprons are any apron manufactured to a specific size, modification, alteration, or individualization by means of fabric, selection, monogram, logo, etc…
Changes in body measurements prior to the actual manufacturing of the apron (i.e. PO is delayed for any reason, customer loses/gains weight) are the responsibility of the customer to provide new measurements or notify Ix Medical so the customer can be re-measured prior to manufacturing.
Individualization of the apron cannot be changed once manufacturing has been started. This includes monograms, logos, fabric selections, sizing, modifications, alterations, etc… Changes will incur additional costs.

Apron Warranty
Aprons manufactured by Ix Medical are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 3 years after date of shipment. Protection materials is warranted to be free of cracks for a period of 3 years after date of shipment. Damages caused by the inappropriate use of inappropriate storage of the protective apron will be the responsibility of the customer. Replacement or repair is at the discretion of the manufacturer.

Apron Use and Care

Thoroughly inspect your apron upon receipt and on a routine basis.

Aprons are not designed, nor warranted, to be worn while sitting. Prolonged or continued sitting in your apron ma cause creases in the protection material and ultimately lead to cracks. Prolonged sitting may also cause stretch damage at the seams.
Using excessive force to tighten the skirt buckle may cause tearing of the fabric at the seams.

Extreme temperatures are detrimental to the apron protection material. Leaving an apron in a car under these conditions may cause unwarranted damage to the apron.
Aprons and vests should always be hung through the armholes either with an apron hanger or on a peg rack, skirts by the provided hanging straps.
Do not fold or crease the apron, this will cause damage to the protection material. If hanging the apron is not available, use of a cylinder roll is recommended to eliminate the folding and creasing of the apron.

Clean with a mild, non-abrasive cleaning product. Use of a soft bristle brush is recommended. Hang to dry. Do no use any bleach containing cleaning products. Always test the cleaning product on a small section. Do not machine launder or dry clean the apron.

Leaded Glasses

Warranty of Glass
All glasses are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 14 days after date of shipment. It is the responsibility of the customer to thoroughly check the lenses and frames for defects and integrity upon receipt. Any defects after the 14 days from shipment date will be considered customer wear and tear.

Returns/Exchanges of Non-prescription Glass
All non-prescription glasses can be exchanged within 30 days of shipment if the glasses are in re-sellable condition. Shipping costs of the glasses being returned are the responsibility of the customer. If glasses are to be exchanged, the new glasses will not be shipped to the customer until the returned glasses are received and inspected by Ix Medical. Any differences in price of the exchanged glasses will be processed prior to shipment of the new glasses.

Returns/Exchanges of Prescription Glasses
All sales are final with no returns or exchanges. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide an up-to-date prescription.